Term Dates


Summer School for children aged 1-613th-24th August
Staff Training27th- 30th August
Arafat Day & Eid Al Adha*31st August- 5th September (Government Holidays)
Term Begins for all childrenWednesday 6th September
Hijra New Year*Thursday 21st September (Government & Islamic Holiday )
Half Term Commences Thursday 19th October 2017
Term Resumes Sunday 29th October 2017
National Day*29th November and 30th November 2017 (Government & Islamic Holiday)
Term EndsThursday 21st December 2017


Term Starts:Sunday 7th January 2018
Half Term Starts:Thursday 8th February 2018
Term Resumes: Sunday 18th February 2018
Term Ends:Thursday 29th March 2018


Term StartsSunday 15th April 2018
Eid Al Fitr*14th to 18th June 2018 (Government & Islamic Holiday)
Term Resumes Tuesday 19th June 2018
Term EndsThursday 28th June 2018