Our aim is to work in close partnership with parents to complement their approach to childcare, particularly to assist children when learning new skills. The closer the parent and nursery team work in partnership, the more rewarding the child’s time in nursery will be.

Dovecote Nurseries aims to give children the best possible start to their education. The children follow the British Early Years Foundation Stage from birth to 5 years. They are encouraged to develop at their own pace in a caring, supportive atmosphere. Play is adult or child led and helps children to get to grips with the fundamentals. When they are ready, the children are introduced to counting and number work. They may start reading and writing. Arabic language is spoken for a part of every day and French and Music are introduced and taught by specialists. At Dovecote we place no ceilings on a child’s learning. As a result many of our children will find themselves ahead of the game once school starts.

Educational Philosophy

We look after children in an environment designed and equipped to meet the specific needs of the children and their areas of learning. We understand the importance of allowing children to choose where they learn and play, both inside and outside. Giving children the chance to explore the natural environment and to increase their confidence in their physical ability is an important part of every child’s day.

Each of our staff is trained in the age group of children they are caring for. We know that young children need a familiar and trusted adult who will support their personal, social and emotional development and this in turn enables your child to happily explore their environment and broaden their experiences.

We also recognise that every child is unique and has individual needs and their own style of learning. We encourage learning through creativity and play, using natural materials and activities which foster the child’s understanding and awareness of their surroundings. All of our activities encourage respect, co-operation and personal choice and are thoroughly enjoyed by the children.

We know that children learn best through play when they are fully engaged with ideas and activities that interest them. Our staff offer planned adult initiated activities as well as ensuring that the nursery environment is stimulating and engaging thereby offering extensive learning opportunities that your child can also initiate. As we get to know your child we can build on their existing skills and knowledge and develop areas that are yet to be explored.

Our toys and resources are carefully selected by our Early Years team and every item is chosen for the potential learning outcomes as well as quality and, of course, fun.