• Health and safety

    Health and Safety is one of the most important areas of focus at Dovecote Nurseries. We use the standards set by the OFSTED (Office for Standards in Education) in the UK to ensure Health and Safety at our premises. We also actively teach our children about hygiene and healthy living habits at the nursery.

  • Medical

    We ensure to take in detailed information on the medical requirements of our little ones to be able to tend to them better. A fully equipped medical centre is provided on site and is staffed full-time by a nurse. This nurse will liaise with both staff and parents about the health of their children.

  • Food and Nutrition

    We place special emphasis on the health and nutrition of our children. Our snacks are carefully planned to provide a balanced diet to our little ones. We provide children with nutritious meals to eat at lunch time. It is an important part of our programme to teach the children about where food comes from and the importance of eating healthily. We strictly follow a ‘no nuts’ policy at our premises.

  • IT provision

    The nursery is equipped so that the children and the staff have all wireless broadband internet access. In each of the FS1 classrooms an interactive whiteboard and projector is installed. Each teacher is provided with a tablet computer. Each teaching room has tablets available for use by children at the appropriate time. The Administration Office in the nursery benefits from high-speed broadband wireless connectivity.