We are as passionate about food as we are about education at Dovecote Nursery, and encourage all children to try everything from broccoli to their favorite puddings.  We teach children how we make food with cookery activities linked to the Curriculum, and invite parents to share family recipes to add to our weekly menus.

Food and nutrition is a big part of the day at Dovecote Nursery. During meal times, teachers encourage children to eat together which helps them to develop healthy dietary habits, table manners and understand the practice of good eating. 

Parents have the option of providing their child with a packed lunch from home, or subscribing to out fully catered option.

Our menus are freshly made, non processed, additive free and use healthy fats over cheaper trans fat alternatives found in many processed foods. The ‘Eat Bright’ programme creates meals with specifically selected nutrients to improve academic performance, ensuring essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and healthy fats are included in our meals.

The menus are on two-week rotation and are seasonal so will change every Term.

Dovecote is a nut and pork free nursery.