Our Vision, Aim & Values | Dovecote Nursery in Muscat

The pre-school years of a child’s education are very important as they form a foundation for the development of the individual child. At Dovecote Nurseries, a stand out nursery amongst the schools in Oman, we acknowledge this philosophy and believe in letting our children learn and grow through fun activities and games.

Our Vision:
To protect, to nurture, to inspire, to educate.

Our Aims:
We aim to provide a naturally inspiring environment that encourages our children to play and explore, to discover and grow, to learn and understand. Through our partnership with our families, Dovecote, a modern nursery in Muscat will give every one of our children the best possible start to their education.

Our Values:
Everything we do for our children, parents and staff is guided by a deep commitment to our ethical, environmental and moral values:

Treating everyone with patience, consideration and courtesy.
Being enthusiastic and celebrating individual and team achievements.
Dedicating our energy to achieving excellence in everything we do.